Engine testing

State-of-the-art, dynamic test benches of various performance classes are available for carrying out engine tests in an impressive test facility with a unique test cell layout. The test facility itself offers in-built redundancy of the infrastructure, extensive measurement technology and state-of-the-art automation systems which provides engineers with the optimum conditions for the targeted testing of fuels, lubricants and engine components.


  • 42 state of the art, dynamic, climate controlled engine test beds
  • Separate temperature and humidity control of the engine intake air
  • Dynamic Asynchronous Engine Dynos with load cells or torque measurement flanges of different power levels
  • 900 m³ underground fuel tanks
  • Fuel supply lines in V4A steel
  • RNT measuring systems for online wear analysis of components in engine operation
  • Application software and combustion measurement systems
  • HORIBA 2-line exhaust gas measuring systems
  • Standard measurement technology (Smoke Meter, Blow-By Meter, Fuel Mass Flow Meter…)
  • Reilhofer Damage Detection Systems

Range of services

  • Fuel and lubricant tests (ACEA / CEC tests)
  • OEM oil release testing
  • Fuel consumption tests
  • Emission tests
  • RNT wear tests
  • Component testing / engine endurance runs