Field trial testing

The most realistic form of testing vehicles and their components can be achieved through field trial testing. ISP offers all the facilities needed to achieve the testing objectives as quickly and safely as possible. This can be done on public roads or alternatively on local purpose built test tracks where the vehicles can be pushed to their limits within safe dedicated areas.


  • Vehicle workshops for the preparation, support and close down work of each test phase
  • Chemical-physical laboratories for supporting analysis
  • GPS systems for monitoring the test routes
  • Supply of specialist fuels
  • On board data logger for data acquisition of all vehicle-relevant parameters
  • Wide range of measurement capabilities through the use of sensors for pressures, temperatures, electrical currents and voltages
  • PEMS incl. particle analysis
  • Charging infrastructure for hybrid and fully electric vehicles at up to 350 kW charging capacity

Range of services

  • Conduction of tests under real world driving conditions
  • Mechanical measurement and visual evaluation of components
  • Analysis of oil samples
  • Position and speed monitoring of the test routes via GPS
  • Real-time measurement data acquisition
  • Customisable and individual route/speed profiles with high speed motorway testing opportunities
  • Coordination of tests on specialised test tracks
  • Performance of RDE exhaust gas measurements
  • Simple transfer of the results to the endurance dyno, drive train test bench, etc.
  • Provision of multifaceted testing with quick and efficient changes between test phases, i.e. field testing to emissions or endurance dyno and vice versa.