Battery testing

Electrification is driving the transformation of mobility. And batteries are playing a crucial role. Technology is developing rapidly and at the same time expectations are increasingly high. No matter if it’s energy density, performance or safety: you’d better be one step ahead of the competition. As a test service provider with more than 25 years of experience we offer you this essential advantage: With our cutting-edge Battery Test Center and our proven know-how as a specialist for testing and validation we stand by your side – with maximum efficiency and flexibility. We test what you develop to make sure that you succeed. That’s our promise.


  • 78 bi-directional battery test beds up to 500 kW / 1200 V / 800 A per channel (1000 kW / 1200 V / 1600 A possible via parallelisation)
  • 32 climate chambers (hazard level 6 safety standard) up to 30 m³ of volume
  • Room temperature can be controlled between -40 and +90 °C, max. temperature gradient up to 6 K/min
  • Air humidity can be controlled up to 98% rel. humidity at 70 °C
  • Conditioned coolant supply (-30 up to +80 °C) up to 65 L/min
  • AVL Lynx test bed automation system
  • Rest bus simulation
  • Various communication protocols are supported
  • Measurement scope can be extended flexibly via additional analogue sensors (e.g. pressure, temperature, current, voltage)
  • Storage capacity for up to 200 batteries
  • Fully automated fire detection and suppression infrastructure on the test beds and in the storage areas

Range of services

  • Conduction of life-cycle and durability tests
  • Conduction of functional and parameter tests
  • Characterisation of batteries, determination of performance data and maps
  • Flexible simulation of specific operating conditions (e.g. hot and cold climate)
  • Execution of thermal shock tests
  • Conduction of thermal management tests
  • Permanent acquisition of real-time measurement data
  • Freely definable test cycles
  • Firmware flashing